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Vauxhall Spares Services & Repairs

At Vauxhall Spares we carry out Supply & Fit, Diagnostics and Service & Repair work for any make or model of Vauxhall cars.Vauxhall Spares are specialists when it comes to Supply & Fit, Diagnostics, and Service & Repair work for any make or model of Vauxhall cars. We have a team of highly experienced and qualified mechanics with over 10 years experience working exclusively with Vauxhalls, so you can be confident you’re in good hands.

Find out more about any of the following services from Vauxhall Spares:

    – Supply & Fit Services
    – Diagnostic Services
    – Maintenance, Services & Repairs

Supply & Fit Services

A first class Supply & Fit service from Vauxhall Spares to save you time and money”

As well as supplying quality new and used spare parts for any make and model of Vauxhall cars, Vauxhall Spares also carries out fitting work on behalf of our customers. This significantly reduces the chances of customers buying the wrong spare part and finding out too late – after they have already wasted valuable time and money. Our Supply and Fit service puts customers minds at rest because they know that the quality spare parts they buy from us is being fitted by a trained and qualified mechanic who can diagnose and tackle any unexpected problem that can arise as a result of misdiagnosis. We carry out all types of mechanical and electrical work and can even collect and deliver your vehicle from and to your home or place of work.


Diagnostic Services

“Diagnostics carried out using the latest Vauxhall Tech2 and Tech3 machines”

Vauxhall Spares uses Tech 2 diagnostics technology (and Multi Diagnostic Interface, also known as Tech 3, for later models) to provide full diagnostics and programming on all Vauxhall models – so your car gets the same standard of care and attention as it would from your main Vauxhall dealer. This means we can carry out complete mechanical and electrical checks on your vehicle, including engine, transmission, body or chassis. It reduces diagnostic errors and prevents failures before they become a major problem.


It isn’t always easy to tell what’s wrong with a car just by looking at the symptoms, and getting it wrong can take up a lot of time and money in buying and fitting the wrong parts. Vauxhall Spares Diagnostic Service greatly reduces the time it takes to identify the source of any mechanical or electrical failure to get you up and running again quickly.

Our fully trained diagnostics team first carry out pre diagnostics to check for any failure in areas such as the engine or electrical systems.

Once we receive the computerised report we double-check this with a manual inspection – we don’t just go by what the computer says. This narrows down the problem so our mechanics – and therefore our customers – can be one hundred per cent certain the correct work is being carried out. Only then do we give customers a price.


Maintenance, Services & Repairs

“Servicing your car with your local specialist Vauxhall service provider makes sense”

With over 15 years experience of working with Vauxhall models we know your car inside out. Vauxhall Spares carries out a range of Service & Repair work on all makes and models, including interim and full services, MOTs, and the supply and fit of new and used spare parts. We help keep your Vauxhall working at optimum performance, minimising mechanical and electrical breakdowns.

Vauxhall Spares carry out the following types of Services & Repairs

Pre- MOT Check-up

A pre-MOT check can help save time and money by ensuring your car does not fail on basic items. We ensure areas such as windscreen wipers, tyre tread and pressure, and exterior lights are working well. If you are considering having your car checked give us a call at least a month before your next MOT is due. We will work with you so you have plenty of time to put things right if necessary.

Full Timing Kit & Water Pump Supply and Fit Services

We have a full range of Vauxhall timing and water pump kits available on the market. If your Vauxhall has covered more than 60,000 miles then it may be time to change your timing belt kit, you can simply check by looking in your Vauxhall handbook and finding the recommended replacement intervals for timing belt kits this can be anywhere between 60,000 to 90,000 miles. See our table for a guide.


Recommended Major Service Intervals:

Agila A 60,000 miles Frontera A 100,000 miles
Agila B 60,000 miles Frontera B 100,000 miles
Antara 60,000 miles Insignia 90,000 miles
Arena 80,000 miles Meriva A 60,000 miles
Astra G 50,000 miles Meriva B 60,000 miles
Astra H 70,000 miles Monaro N/A (Timing Chain)
Astra J 80,000 miles Monterey 90,000 miles
Astravan 100,000 miles Movano A 100,000 miles
Astravan H 50,000 miles Movano B 100,000 miles
Brava A 80,000 miles Nova 65,000 miles
Brava B 80,000 miles Omega 70,000 miles
Calibra 50,000 miles Signum 70,000 miles
Carlton 70,000 miles Sintra 70,000 miles
Cavalier 70,000 miles Tigra A 50,000 miles
Combo 60,000 miles Tigra B 50,000 miles
Combo B 60,000 miles Vectra B 80,000 miles
Corsa B 70,000 miles Vectra C 80,000 miles
Corsa C 70,000 miles Vivaro 100,000 miles
Corsa D 80,000 miles VX220 40,000 miles
Corsavan 60,000 miles Zafira A 60,000 miles
Zafira B 60,000 miles Zafira C 70,000 miles

Full Stereo Decoding & Fitting Services

We have over 15 years of experience in stereo decoding providing the best service to reset your faulty Vauxhall stereo. Here are some of the types of Vauxhall Stereos we decode: -

CAR 200
CAR 300
CAR 400
CAR 600
CDR 500
CD30 MP3