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Vauxhall Spare Parts

Welcome to the Vauxhall Spares section of our site where we specialise in helping you find new and used spare parts for any make or model of Vauxhall car.

VAUXHALL SPARES provides a well-established specialist supply and fit service for all make and models of Vauxhall cars. We have been helping our customers find quality, genuine new and used Vauxhall spare parts for more than 15 years and are confident you will find our service quick, friendly and great value for money.

We’ll help you find the right spare part for any Vauxhall car

Because we supply both new and used spare parts for any make and model of Vauxhall car, we are able to give our customers access to a wider range of choice, helping them to find the part they need quickly at the best price. All parts come with a 30-day warranty. Parts can be mail ordered and delivered the next day. We also offer free local delivery.

Find new Vauxhall spare parts

We use the Vauxhall Electronic Catalogue (EPC) to help find new spare parts for our customers. The catalogue lists thousands of quality parts by product code, which reduces the event of buying a part by mistake. This significantly speeds up the time it takes to find and buy the part you really need – so you can quickly get your car back on the road.

Find used Vauxhall spare parts

Customers looking for a used part for a Vauxhall car have access to our warehouse containing hundreds of used spare parts for any make and model. All our used spare parts have been dismantled by qualified breakers, whether mechanical spare parts like engines and gearboxes or electrical parts such as fog lamps or headlights. Once the car is dismantled each part is carefully checked to make sure it functions correctly. Parts are then cleaned and tested before being stored in our warehouse ready for customers. We are therefore able to guarantee the quality of our Vauxhall spare parts.

Vauxhall Spares Supply & Fit Service

Sometimes customers ask for a particular spare part but it ends up being the wrong part for the car. And sometimes they buy the right part for their model and make when it is not the part that actually needs replacing. That’s why Vauxhall Spares also provides a Supply & Fit service for our customers. It helps reduce mistakes like these that can cost you in time and money. Find out more about our Supply & Fit service here [link to Services page]

Our range of Vauxhall spare parts

You will not find a wider range of genuine used and new spare parts than at Vauxhall Spares. We have a high turnover of demand for Vauxhall parts, particularly for newer or later models, and are pleased to say we have always managed to satisfy demand and to do so at very competitive prices for our customers.

Search our database for readily available new and used Vauxhall spare parts by category. Whether you are searching under Body Parts for wings, doors, bonnets or bumpers; under Engines and Gearboxes for ignition coils, Ecu kits or starter motors; or under Electrical and Lighting for rear lights,
fog lights,
indicators or headlights, you can always count on Vauxhall Spares to help you find it quickly and at the best price.

At Vauxhall Spares we provide a very high level of customer service and have fully trained and qualified sales staff on hand to help you find the spare part you are looking for.


Our Spare Parts Database

  • Accessories
  • Body Parts
  • Brakes
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Engine
  • Exhaust System
  • Heating, Ventilation and AC
  • Safety Features
  • Suspension
  • Starting and Charging System
  • Transmission
  • Upholstery